• Telkom Tower in Singapore
  • Office Tower

Client : Telkom

Date : 2011

Our philosophy for this project is to generate a place that provides a pleasant and sustainable environment for its occupiers and visitors, both inside and outside the buildings. We place great emphasis on the human scale and on place making as a way in which to create an environment that not only caters to its users but also helps attract individuals from across the city. Architecturally, we had put enough thinking in creating efficiently planned spaces, though an iconic tower that present the power of media , specifically the power and coverage Telkom within Indonesia. The landmark is perceived to attract people, this achieved through a harmonious massing, through the tower design and the elevated podiums. The design takes particular attention on the quality of living within the site itself, creating shaded opened spaces and enclosing some quarters for F&B Functions, while opening others for worshiping and entertainment. The project was presented as an animated 4D simulation showing the construction during time. As the budget was not clarified, we have proposed to versions of the towers, they have the same architectural style but vary in complexity and efficiency.