• Library Aerial View

Designing a library is an opportunity to create a master piece that pioneer above the surrounding buildings. Libraries are a temporary host for readers
to visit and explore the word of literature and science through the pages of books. Similar to hotels, the library needs to comfort, excite and surprise visitors.
It should be cosy, as your little living room, where you feel home holding your book, and exploring new thoughts, researching new projects.

The library though should make you feel superior than others, as you are claiming knowledge, and this knowledge should be taken from superior entity, that’s why the architecture should feel, look superior.

The Art of reading is changing from paper physical media to digital media, and the culture of acquiring knowledge is changing rapidly from text to movies, audio-books and visual presentations. The literature itself is taking various different forms. Though its well proven that the best partner in solitude is the book. Libraries should be like a holy place where you are isolated from digital media, external influences and concentrate on the books in your hands, it should resemble reading the holy books, and should be as well respected.

The design is inspired by the local traditional ventilated shafts to cool the space, by dragging wind inside and passing it through wet cloths. This idea was replicated by introducing a double wall system, and sucking air by inverted pressure, though cooling the air by introducing Chillers within the Gap.

The Facade is designed to reflect the Arabic calligraphy, though the whole building is made out of insulated GFRC Panels. The Double wall is cut into lit patters that let indirect light to the space.