Urban Architectural Idea

The project was designed to address the brief of the client, though challenging it on different aspects as well.

The Main motto for the project is to create a project as the name suggests, a retreat for Royals, though treating the visitors and residents with the same qualities. Saving the site historical site and refurbishing them to give the lush of the past, and converting them into public service amenities such as restaurants, Gym and multiple purpose halls.

The Residences are designed with ultra-modern minimal design mainly to allow for maximum comfort of the users and ease of maintenance with fully sustainable environment.  The Villas have vast amount of glazing to allow maximum view and lighting, although protected with extended slab to save from direct sun light.

The hotel is designed with flexibility of sizes and interlocking rooms to allow to accommodate for either short term accommodation or seasonal tourism.

Parametric development

There are multiple constrains governing the site, topography, access, views, and existing obstacles. All of these were considered as an opportunity to be creative and break the grid of such development. It is important as well to keep the client need for modular, economical design, saying so, we have designed the Villas and hotel to accommodate the site condition.

The Villas were designed around two main axis or corridors, the rooms are distributed around them to stretch and shrink to either avoid trees or encapsulate them. This allows flexibility in design, though giving it a parametric freedom that will create interesting lit spaces and volumes.