• Salon Interior design
  • Interior design in Beirut

The project is to remodel and re-plan the client’s Apartment. The apartment is 20 years old, and been consumed to the limits. The challenging brief of having more lit, modern and spacious feel to the apartment was resolved by creating more flexible planning. The interior Deign of the apartment was planned to have maximum flexibility, though we introduced fold-able walls that opens up the living room to the Salon. The fold-able wall was designed from frosted glass and clad with stripped wood to allow for light to penetrate to the Living room, though keeping the maximum privacy intact.

The Bedrooms were renovated to allow for bigger brighter feel by better use of space saving furniture and minimizing the storage spaced to the efficient needed requirements.

The Kitchen was opened to the balcony, where we installed the oven and BBQ Area. This was separated from the main kitchen by sliding Glass wall to isolate smoke and smell, though allowing maximum light to come in.

The Materials and colors are chosen with modern simple color Palette so it’s everlasting. Concrete Finish was used in the Kitchen Cupboards contrasting with Glossy white. The same concrete finish was used in the Dining area with the mix of Walnut wood finish and Botticino Marble for the floors.